Lgbt be you 1

by , Thursday January 26, 2017
 Lgbt be you 1

You Lgbt+ or part of it?

Small story about me.....

 Hi, I'm Anastasia but I go my Ashton because I'm transgender but i haven't officially switched yet. I'm female to male though. I'm returning 13 Feb 18. I'm also pansexual.

 So today I was telling my mother about my day while helping make dinner. And she said well my girlfriend Rachel must be confident about her sexuality. Well awhile later we continue and I come out and tell her I have the pronouns he/him. She says,"so you wanna be a boy with a girls emotional state?" I responded with yes and I told her I actually wanted to get a binder. After explaining what that is she asked, "oh, like now?" 

I said ya and quickly said I'm going to bed. Which literally happened about 30-40 minutes ago. Piece out for now. -Ashton


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