Choosing Graphic Novels Over Books

by , Sunday January 22, 2017
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 Choosing Graphic Novels Over Books

The decision is hard when it comes to should my money be spent on Graphic Novels or Books and then you actually have to pick one out. 

With the start of A-levels I have found that I literally have no time. I haven't picked up a book since October - well I tell a bit of a lie because I've just started the Handmaid's Tale recently. That is bad, like really bad, because I love books. I would spent all day reading if I could. Instead I've been reading graphic novels because I can get through one of those in a day and be satisfied that I've read something

Choosing whether I should read a book or graphic novel is hard but graphic novels win nearly everytime for me now. It's just a time thing really. 

Graphic novels have:

- Pretty pictures and fantastic artistry which I can awe at. 

- A good, short plot line that I can fit into my busy studying day. 

- The information behind the superhero movies (this applies to only the superhero ones of course). 


Books have: 

- Beautiful words which I can love for hours. 

- Characters written out with unseen and unspoken actions and desires. 

- The ability to take me away to another world and escape from reality. 


But then I get to actually choosing what to read and that's even a harder task! Forbidden Planet has such a wide variety that choosing one is unbelievably difficult. 

Do I pick Lucifer?

And fall in love with the comic snarky fallen angel all over again?

Do I pick the huge Walking Dead compendium to sink my teeth into before the show starts again? 

Because most things are different compared to the show.

Do I choose the Joker and how he became insane, because, you know, he's the Joker? 

We all need a dose of insantiy now and again.


I'll just be over here fangirling while I choose. That means while I stare at my book case for a loong while. Maybe that defeats the whole time benefit. Oh well, studying can wait for a moment, and reading can be my reward. Either way, whether with a book or graphic novel in hand, I'll be relaxing and escaping the hard life of a student. 

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