Just because...

by , Friday January 20, 2017
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 Just because...

Just because...

Poetry right from a broken mind.

Just because the wounds are gone, it doesn't mean you can't still see the scars.
'Just because she died, you can still live on' they say. But healing takes time.
Just because I never told you how I felt before, you think I am joking.
Just because I'm only 13, I can still be depressed. But no one believes me.
Just because she died, I had a breakdown every day when I came home from school for 9 months.
Just because you can't see how I feel, It doesn't mean I'm fine.
Just because I didn't tell anyone until half a year after she died, I now have trust issues.
Just because I can't drown my demons, I can drown my sorrows.
Just because I know how it started, It doesn't mean that it ended for the same reason.

It is like building a house. Then tearing it down and building the house up again - you can never build that same house again. You can build some of it like before, but never the whole part.
That's how I see myself. I tore myself down. And rebuild myself. No help, no instructions. So ofc I am not like before. I lost some of me, and I got something new instead. 
Before I could just tell everything to everyone. Now, I can tell nothing to no one. That part I lost. But now I am stronger. I don't care what people think of me. I am me and I will always be me. I am a bitch, and I know, but that's just who I am. No matter what. 

'Teresse L.'

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