First Book Review of 2017: The Road to Ever After by Moira Young

The Road to Ever After by Moira Young

We have a great book for you to read in the New Year, reviewed by our very own Molly Looby



Orphan Davy David scrapes himself a living in the dead-end town of Brownvale, taking comfort from the library and the movie house.


For his secret pleasure he makes pictures in the dusty ground. Two days before Christmas, a stray dog called George turns Davy’s world upside down. A mischievous wind blows them to the abandoned museum on the far side of town and straight into the life of elderly recluse Miss Flint. She has planned one last road trip before her time is up and hires the reluctant Davy and George to escort her. 


An extraordinary adventure awaits them.



The Road to Ever After was stranger than I’d been expecting. The book is quite short and has pictures at the start of each chapter. I must confess, I was worried it wasn’t YA as it looks and feels like a children’s book, but I think that’s its charm. 


The main problem I had with this book was that it wasn’t the Dustlands trilogy. For those of you who haven’t read the fantastic trilogy, they’re Blood Read Road, Rebel Heart, and Raging Star. I loved those books so much that whatever Young released next was going to suffer. But I think she made a good decision by going with something so totally different, because it’s impossible to directly compare them.


Unfortunately, I didn’t fall into The Road to Ever After straight away, but that’s due to NaNoWriMo showing up. I didn’t read a word the whole time I was scribbling away trying to reach the word count, though of course that’s not the book’s fault.


The tone was charming and made it really easy to read great big chunks at once. I read 100 pages in one sitting. It was very rhythmic and soft, which is the total opposite of the Dustlands trilogy. It’s a very gentle story, which is not something I’m used to, but something I know I should spend more time on. The intense moments hit hard because of the softness of the atmosphere and the characters, and even the words themselves.


It was just very gentle and beautiful. I’m not sure how else to describe it.


This book seemed to be the quiet in the noisy world we live in. It was peaceful to fall into it.



      4 out of 5 Movellas stars



Thank you Molly Looby for writing this review and Infinite_Exho for creating the banner!

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