Sherlock (Spoilers for all of Season Four)

The Final Problems

It has been over 12 hours now since I have watched what may have been the last episode of Sherlock ever and my will to live still hasn't returned to me.

You'd think that after being an avid Sherlockian since 2011, I'd have been prepared for this episode to rip my heart out and stop on in until it was crumped and unusable, dead on the ground, but NOPE! I was still sooooo not prepared.

I was caught off guard by how fucking crazy Eurus was, and the fact that Sherlock didn't even know she existed! Like, how do you forget you have a sister, oh right, you block it out because she killed your best friend!

The whole RedBeard thing was like a shot in the gut.

Moriarty being confirmed dead by Eurus, broke my heart.

And not to mention that I had a moment where Mycroft was my favroite person in the series when he was trying to get Sherlock mad enough at him to shoot him so SHERLOCK DIDN'T HAVE TO KILL HIS BEST FRIEND.

The fact that Sherlock DESTORYED MOLLY'S COFFIN IN A FIT OF RAGE, brought tears to my eyes because he showed that he actually loved/cared for her. Though when Sherlock didn't say that aminously teased 'I love you,' to John, I was annoyed because, well, JOHNLOCK!

But in the end, Mary caused them to get back to their old life, raising Rosie together (basically like a couple), so that's a plus.


TLDR: Moriaty is dead, Sherlock's sister he didn't know he had is fucking psyco, and JohnLock is totally a thing.


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