Winners of the Replica Writing Competition

by , Monday January 16, 2017
Winners of the Replica Writing Competition

Winners of the Replica Writing Competition

Read the winning stories!


Movellas launched this competition with Hodder Books and before we start talking about the amazing stories that won, we wanted to thank all of you who participated! This writing competition celebrated the release of Lauren Oliver's latest novel, Replica. This author even judged the entries and chose our 3 winners!


The competition's winners will all receive copies of Oliver's book Replica, hot off the presses.


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And the winners are... (drumroll please!)



1st Place

Four characters come together in the city of Eto, where the life of a noble is worth the lives of ten commoners and in order to keep the world balanced, each time a noble comes of age they select 10 commoners to kill...


Ascension by Dragon Rider Fangirl



2nd Place

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord." - Isaiah 55:8 


The Will of Angels by Noele Leon



3rd Place

 Because true love belongs in every inch of existence, as it echoes through the universe. We were destined to find it, even if not in the most ideal way... 


Gripping the Mist by LettuceGreen






Winners will be notified by email. Congratulations and enjoy the new book!

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