A conversation

by , Sunday January 15, 2017

The definition of a blog is to have a convo. so i guess i'll just vent some-only a little. 

Words- they are powerful... it's like a whole new emoton when you read and write. I'll call it DOMINATE... that's what they do and that's what i feel when i see them... it's talent when people-probably not me- can create a phrase of words that just blows people off their feet. That makes someone want to say WOW... WHAT JUST HAPPENED??


People- I'm not a people person-obviously that means i strongly dislike a lot of them. i live in the city and that's just bad luck. Teenagers-i know i'm 15 but- they annoy me the most. Santa need to have gotten some of these teens some clothes. Instagram didn't ask for your bra size... i look around and i see fake, fake, overly obssesed, and fake- and then there's me (crazy). i know some teenagers are real and those ones i can deal with. If only people weren't so fake- not trying to judge but "God can only juge me" is getting old cause you ain't listening to him.


I said only a little so I guess my venting gotta stop there....

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