Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo - OMG

This was possibly the best drama I'll see in 2017 and we're barely through the first month...

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (WFKBJ from here out) began airing later 2016 and starred two minor actors and actresses, so I never expected much out of it. Little did I think I'd love it better than the higher rated dramas of Goblin and Legend of the Blue Sea airing in rival time slots. Find out my reasons why below.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo   

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (WLFKBJ) began airing November 16th and finished up on January 11th, wrapping up with only 16 episodes. I was of the opinion it could last for 100 episodes and I'd be hooked to the very end. WLFKBJ returned a good sports drama to the screen after what felt like forever. Unfortunately WLFKBJ continually ranked last in it’s time slot and didn’t do as well as I thought it deserved.

The main character is Bok Joo - the daughter of a chicken restaurant owner who lives with her father and uncle, her mom having died when she was very young. She got into weightlifting via influence of her father and she pursued it into university, now majoring in the sport at a sports college.

At her sports university she's reunited with Jung Joon-Hyung, a boy she went to elementary school with who was once small, timid, and cute. Now all grown up, Joon-Hyung is on the swim team, having found consolation in the sport of swimming after his mom abandoned him and left him to the care of his aunt and uncle around the same time they were in school together. Bok Joo is initially embarrassed to know someone from elementary know her in college, and he even begins calling her by her old nickname, Chubs. They develop a teasing relationship that doesn’t seem to amount to more for a good few episodes.

In the meantime Bok Joo is visiting a weight clinic secretly despite being instructed to gain weight for her sport. Bok Joo doesn’t want to lose weight though – she’s simply taken by the handsome doctor who happens to run a weight clinic. In a hilarious turn of events, its revealed Joon Hyung’s cousin in the handsome doctor Bok Joo likes and drags Joon-Hyung into the web of lies Bok Joo has spun regarding her life. For example, Joon-Hyung’s cousin doesn’t know Bok Joo is a weightlifter – instead, he’s under the impression she’s a cellist which is convenient considering the doctor is a classical music fan.

Eventually Bok Joo begins to feel heartbroken when she realises her feeling with never be recuperated, and as Joon-Hyung and Bok-Joo’s feiendship blossoms, so do feelings on Joon-Hyung’s part. At first he tries to fight them, finding it absurd that he’d like Bok-Joo, a ‘below-average’ girl in terms of looks who’s stronger than he is. Besides, his ex-girlfriend is Bok-Joo’s roommate as well as a gymnast.

Eventually Bok-Joo gives up on the doctor and a love-line develops between the doctor and another character as Bok-Joo and Joon-Hyung’s progresses. The first time feelings are admitted is when Bok-Joo finds a part time job on her break from college. When Joon-Hyung comes to help her out a few minutes before the end of her shift, she tells him off that her colleagues think they’re dating. Without a second thought, Joon-Hyung suggests that they should. *Queue first kiss*.

The story takes off and ends on a sweet note. Bok-Joo levels up to national level with her weightlifting and Joon-Hyung is soon to follow. All conflict and subplots are tied up neatly and it ends right where it should.

EXCEPT IT SHOULDN’T HAVE. Because I could have watched those two forever.

WLFKBJ wasn’t a success – against rival dramas starring K-Drama veterans, it didn’t stand a chance, however if this drama was aired in a slot later in the year I don’t doubt that it could have done a lot better. It’s a shame that it went underappreciated, and I for one am not a fan of the more popular drama’s airing in this slot.

Lee Sung-Kyung and Nam Joo-Hyuk, already on my radar as good up-coming actors have solidly gained a place on a list for stars I need to keep and eye on and follow. They both starred in minor roles in the past, but never or rarely as a lead. I can only hope that from here more lead roles follow, but the poor performance of this drama caused by the competition makes me worry.

This drama is perfect for anyone fond of sweet innocent romance as well as laugh-out loud friendship and teamwork. Has anyone else watched? Tell me, did you love it as much as I did?

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