Vampire Types

by , Sunday January 15, 2017
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Vampire Types




In this world there are the mysterious and the curious, also the ones who protect our souls from the followers of death. 


There are many people other than mortals, or as you all call humans or living. You are not the only ones. There are werewolves, witches, banshees, fairies, mermaids, but overall, the protectors, or vampires. Mortals refer to vampires as being good or bad and only being stereotypical, for their Halloween. But there are many, the Nosferacus/Nosferatu/Deformatives, the Strigoi, Moroi, Dhampir, along with Humanic and Demonic and Originic. Come with me and learn the basics of what vampires are. 

The first types I will be talking about are Nosferacus/Nosferatu/Deformatives. 

These vampires are closer to the demonic type, but not as close as Strigoi are. These are also known as deformed vampires, as they have a deformed face and body, having pointed ears with no lobes, big eyebrows, eyes with only a single pupil, long and stretched chin, slim skull. Their bodies are very wide at the shoulder, also very pointy. Slim waists are common, and having very bulk legs and big feet. The women are called Nosferacus and the males Nosferatu. The word for both is Deformative. These vampires are also known to be wild and very few are civilized. These can be found in the forests and abandoned houses and castles of Romania and the rest of the Balkans. 

How much blood they need: 1-2 gallons a month varies 

Where: mostly Romania but all over the Balkans


Next are Strigoi. 

Strigoi are evil vampires, and are the closest to demons. Strigoi are made when a Nosferacus and a male demon mate and have a child, or when two Strigoi mate. Strigoi can only drink human blood. If one drinks animal blood, it will become extremely ill. When Strigoi die, they either go to the underworld or they become Shadows or Deaths, or demons that roam the earth and eat spirits and souls to strengthen them. To get to a soul and spirit, one must eat the heart. It disintegrates inside the Shadow or Death quickly, the soul nourishing it and the spirit strengthening it. 


Next is Moroi

Moroi are the vampires that come from long lines from Originics, like Dracula. They are about 3 feet taller than the average male if a woman and the males are 1 foot taller than the women. Moroi are also a type of Humanic vampires, having human characteristics. Moroi also live for 9,000 years at minimum and only 200 Moroi deaths have been recorded. They age normally and stop at age 17. But they keep growing until they are the average height, which can take 100 years to do. They need at least 3 cups of blood a day depending on how old and big they are. These vampires also have regenerating blood, which means a drop could duplicate and fill a pool. They also are born with abilities ranging from mind reading to shape shifting or weather controlling. Their senses vary from person to person, some have the ability to turn them off or control the way they work. 

Next is Dhampir 

These vampires, more like super humans, are offspring of a Originic, Moroi, or Strigoi and a human mother. These are known as the protectors, as they aren't born with spirits, since in the womb the spirit is taken by the mother. Dhampirs do have souls, which makes them good for fighting the Shadows and Deaths. They are usually taller than an average human, but not by much, and definitely not as tall as a Moroi. Their looks also vary, depending on what the parents look like. The Dhampirs usually take facial and body structures from their fathers and the eye colors, hair colors, and skin from the mother. They have heightened senses that they cannot control. They can sense when danger is coming, can foresee the future, and can talk to animals for directions, for a laugher. Dhampirs always have thick hair. 


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