A Guide to Deduction

by , Friday January 13, 2017
A Guide to Deduction

A Guide to Deduction...

How to Begin being Sherlock with 8 Quick Little Facts!



Okay, I think we can all agree that we want to be able to make snap decisions about someone and be right, just like Sherlock.


If not, well, now you can learn how.


Here are some simple, but fun ways to prove that you know your friends and family well, just by taking a quick glance at them or their environment.




Let’s go!



FACT #001

A person who spends a lot of time on the computer, or an antisocial person, will blink considerably less than a social person.


(Well, that explains a lot…)


FACT #002

Those who type a lot - be it at a computer or on a phone - will have a flatter thumb than those who do not.


FACT #003

If you look at your own hand, or your friend’s hand, you may see a little bump on the side of one or more of their fingers. This little space of calloused skin can tell you how much this person writes and how hard they press their pen to paper, just by looking at the size of it!


FACT #004

Someone who is over the age of 50 with a heavy limp on one side, but with no injuries may have suffered from polio as a child.*


*Do not take this fact as gospel and begin asking questions about polio, it is just a very high chance that this is true.


FACT #005

Incorporating yourself into another person’s suspected lie is the easiest way to confirm if it is one. If someone claims they were somewhere they were not, and you say that you saw them there, they are likely to agree without hesitation. This is because your lie reflects theirs and they cannot protest to it without revealing their own lie.


FACT #006

Liars can easily be found through their language when being asked questions. They will attempt to separate themselves from the person or place and may use very stiff language.


e.g: “Have you ever been to her house before?”

“No, I have never been to her house before.”


FACT #007

If people are faking emotions, their facial expressions will usually be limited to the mouth area.


FACT #008

Someone who is used to wearing glasses may adjust them, even if there’s no need to if they are stressed, nervous, or lying.


And there you go! 8 little facts that should help you determine more out of your friends and family, and maybe you might notice yourself doing these sorts of things to!


If you have any more facts like this, comment them!


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