The Best of Movellas 2016!

by , Friday January 20, 2017
The Best of Movellas 2016!

It's Time to Find the Best of Movellas from 2016

Nominate your favorites here!



2016 is gone and now it's time to pay tribute to those who stood out on Movellas throughout the last year. What we mean to say is that now it's time to cast your votes for favorite stories and favorite users, so that together we can find the best of '16. That's right - Movellys 2016!

What's this all about?

Movellys is the Movellas' annual awards ceremony, where we reward the best stories, talented writers, and the sweetest users with prizes in a lot of different categories.

This year there are no less than 10 different categories that we'll be presenting awards in! Three of these categories are selected by the Movellas Team without nominations, while the other 7 are elected by all of you! 


To nominate, follow the links to each category below. On these pages you must nominate your favorite/top pick in the comments. You are welcome to justify your nomination with an explanation of any length. The better the reason, the more likely that the movella / movellian you picked will be nominated. You have just over two weeks to make your nominations. You can nominate in as many categories as you want, but you're only allowed to make one nomination in each category itself.

We will read ALL the nominations through and select three finalists in each category. Then it's your turn again :) There will be a round of voting next where you'll all decide the final winners. The winners will be based on who has received the most votes in each category.
The Prizes
The winner in each category receives a very nice - dare we say shiny - Movellys 2016 trophy where their user name, the category they won, along with the title of their Movella will be engraved.

Movellys Categories in 2016

 Now it's time to unveil the categories you can win! As mentioned earlier, we're doing it a little different this year because the Movellas Team will also be choosing the winners of the 3 awards, while the Movellas community will be selecting the other 7 nominees.

Follow the links below to read more about each category and nominate your favorite!



The 7 Categories in Movellys 2016 are:

Fanfiction Author of the Year
Author of the Year (not fanfiction)
Fanfiction Movella of the Year
Movella of the Year (not fanfiction)

Poem of the Year
Movellist of the Year 
Cover of the Year


Winners chosen by the Movellas Team
Ambassador of the Year
This will be given to an ambassador who has been full of tangible steps, ceaseless drive, and all around enthusiasm :)
2016's Shooting Star
This award will be given to an up-and-coming movellian that we are looking forward to seeing and reading more of!
Movellas' Honorary Award
We will be awarding a special mention to the user whose talent, character, and presence on Movellas is something special, someone we would like to acknowledge and appreciate.


Good luck everyone - and nominate, nominate, nominate!

The deadline for making your nominations is Monday, February 6, 2017 23:59 PST


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