Book Update(s) #1

by , Monday January 9, 2017
Alright. Here's the update on the three books: This Is Us: I have two chapters typed up on my phone, I just can't publish them from there because my phone hates me. I will be posting them sometime this week, so don't worry. Obviously, my writing style changed and so has a lot of the things in the book, but it's still following some of the important events. There will be still a second and third book, and possibly a book made of bonus chapters, I don't know yet. The Fallen: The writing is still in progress on paper so bare with me, I want to finish before I type it up. Tell Me Why: Well. You see, I'm trying to find ways to change it to make the entire thing better so I'm constantly writing and testing different ideas so there will changes to the chapter that's up and all the chapters there was awhile ago. That's all, hope everyone has a good night.
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