What are friends even there for?

by , Wednesday January 4, 2017
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 What are friends even there for?

Seems like friends sucks

Even friends staps you in the back.

Right now I'm in school. But I'm mad. I so rare get mad like this, but my friends seems to all just be annyoing and are constantly mocking me. Specially Chang! I'm so mad at him. He is annoying, even the other ask him to turn it down a little, but still they are all laughing.

So what are he mocking me about? Well maybe it doesn't seem to be something special, but you can't hear his voice and the look in his eyes while he is saying it.

Yesterday our friend didn't come to school for the second day in a row. His gf suddenly texted Chang and asked if he could go to his house and check if he was okay, bacause he didn't answer her texted. But Chang didn't wanted to share that information with me. And well the boy is just as much my friend as his, so I kept asking because I got worried about him. But Chang said the gf said not to tell anyone.

(Chang celebreated New year with our friend and his gf and some of their friends, so he keeps talking about it and says he is like best friends with them all now)

But because he also is my friend (and lives close to me) I came along. I was worried, even if i didn't know what the situation was about, because Chang didn't wanted to tell me.. I was kinda angry at him not for telling me.

We found out our friend was okay, but then Chang started saying I got mad, because his gf texted Chang and not me. I wasn't mad at all. Then he said that the gf actually didn't say he wasn't allowed to tell other people about it. So he just though he was more special than me, because he celebrated new year with them...

Then I got mad at him. Beause what he actually wanted was for me not to go along, because he feel like he is a better friend with our friend, than I am. He feel more special than me, and that's what he keeps mocking me about.


So why am I so mad about him mocking him?

Because I know Im one of his few friends. His real friend! And he treats me like trash!

He have some problems with this girl he likes, so he told her that he liked her for 2 weeks ago... She didn't like him back and now he constant​ly is chatting me about it.. And i mean like 13 messages in a row and he keeps saying the same things... And as the friend I am I don't complain about it normally. I answer him and tries to help him getting over her.

Yesterday after visiting our friend, I walked him down to the station (He lives in another city). And we stood there for some time, and then we got the information that the trains was broke, so there would come some busses. We then waited for the busses... In the rain... After ling time, they still wasn't there... So Chang wanted to walk to the next town, because there the trains worked. So we walked in the rain, and I had to go with him, because I'm a good friend. I follow him, and then he didn't know the way.

So I slipped in the rain and got covered in mud... Even my new jacket...

On the whole f*cking walk (it was like an hour!) he just looked at his phone... Chatting with other people... I tried to talk with him all the way... But he either didn't answer or else he just said "yeah.." or "Mmm..".

His phone was close to run low on battery, so I lend him my powerbank and he could then look at his phone again...

While walking my ex suddenly start texting me and saying he wanted to be friend again. I got really upset and wanted to talk with Chang about it, because... Well I have listen so much to him about his failing love life, so I though "hey I can talk to him about it". So I tried to talk with him, but he didn't care and just look at his phone.

Like wtf! You friend beside you, there's walking you to another city in the rain, covered in mud, so you don't have to go alone, could use someone to talk to. But do you even care? No, you don't.

When we got to the other city we waited for the train to arrive​. Then that was it... I was standing in the rain looking at my phone chatting with my ex and I had to walk all the way home again, alone, in the rain.

We got off school 1pm and I was home 5pm... I had been walking in the rain in 4 hours!

At the evening Chang asked if I could game, and I was free, so I got up and played with him for som hours.


He didn't mention it just one time, the things I did for him...

Today in school... He said yesterday was a solo mission and that the gf only chatted him, and he kept saying this... He didn't say "thanks for following me to the station" or anything!

Like he kept saying this!!! Over and over!! Infront of all our friends!

So I got enough and told him he didn't think about what I did for him! One of our friend then said that was true and that Chang had been kinda stupid and stuff.

So now Chang and the other of our friend got in a fight and it ended out with Chang walking out the room and not coming back for some time.

But around lunch I wanted to go to the canteen​, because I didn't have food with me. Chang said he wanted to go too. So I waited and as you maybe got by now, I was kinda mad at him, but I waited. So there was like 20 minutes to lunch, but even the teacher wasn't there anymore, so normally we would go down in the canteen​ now, so we would be there before everyone else. So I asked if we could go down, but he didn't want to for some reason... We were just sitting like 6 friends and talked.. So when there was 5 mintues to lunch (I have been waiting for him in 20 minutes now) I asked again. And he looked at his phone and said "Nah, there's still 5 minutes." I asked why we couldn't go down? Even the teacher was gone. Then one of the 6 friends, ask on a provocativing way what different it made? They was just having fun.

I was already pissed on Chang, but I waited, when it then was lunch time, I said come Chang let's go. And he just said "nah, I don't need to go down to the canteen​. I have already eaten." And then he just walked away. He had made a f*cking joke/prank on me!

Everyone though it was so funny, because he made me wait for 20 minutes. I was just standing there... When Chang came back someone said "Chang you wanna go down to the canteen?"

And that was it. I walked away. Everyone got quiet​ when I turned my back and walked away.

So I walked into the class and sad down to write all this... I needed to get it out of my system..

I'm still pissed. The plan was to be together with some friends on friday, to play computer all night, at my place. But Chang is coming so now I think I may cancel. I don't want to use my time with Chang.


So see ya all next time! Comment if you have anything to say.

bye bye!

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