getting ready for the outside world

by , Wednesday January 4, 2017
getting ready for the outside world

entry 1

on my way

Everyone thinks that getting out of the house is the best thing in the world. That not being supervised by parents is the number one goal as an eighteen year old. I'm sorry to break it to you, but you are absolutely wrong. I'm seventeen going on eighteen and I'm scared as shit. I live in a place where the people that live there don't hold back any information about the real world, and let me tell you, after you hear what I've heard you don't want to go on lavish shopping sprees. You'd want to sit down with your parents and talk about opening a savings account and get a job. Luckily my parents already made a savings account for me so I won't be too scared when the time comes, and luckily the people in my town are open to help me start a new life.


When you're seventeen, the world literally gives you a slap in the face and your eyes start to see things that you've never thought you would see. You also find out who your real friends are and who you should keep close. This new eye opening lesson taught me that living alone means that I have to learn how to be independent, which isn't easy at first even as an introvert, but after a while, being independent becomes as easy as it looks in movies. I've also learned that when you have become successful people will come to you. So, all you need to do is focus on your work and your success will become your magnic to friendship, but even then you need to be careful on who your real friends are. 


I also found out what it feels like to finally see that you have an actual future. I just finished submitting all the applicaitons and at the same time got accepted into two great colleges for biomedical engineering. This makes me feel relaxed, and most importantly it makes me feel like I'm on my way toward a better life.

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