My Life as a Mostly Friendless Eight Grader

January 3, 2016

Worried and Invisible

My grandmother has been very sick the past few days, and had a surgery scheduled for this morning. My mum sounded really worried when she told me last night, so I was incredibly worried and couldn't focus at school today. 

And that leads me to the second part.

While I was literally praying for my grandmother's life, my classmates were goofing off, even more than normal. There were a few times that, between my worry and their arrogance, negligence, and overall idiocy, I was on the verge of tears. And no one, not a single person, notices. They talk a about+ kids getting in trouble because of racist comments; jokes or stories that up know nothing about; inaccurate television shows that they preetebd they care about for popularity in our 17 person class.


Hoping for a friend in the world,

              Arya M. Verne

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