First Snapchat Takeover

by , Wednesday January 4, 2017
First Snapchat Takeover

It's our First Snapchat Takeover!

And it's time for a little Q&A with the movellian hosting it...



We've been talking about it, considering it - and after all that - have decided to have our first Snapchat takeover! For those of you who love this app, we hope you'll tune in for the takeover as there's bound to be a few snaps a day. Be sure to follow movellas @movellasstories before then to catch the action next week :)


The takeover begins this coming Monday, January 9 - next Friday, January 13. We're also excited to announce that Beautifully Musical Nerd will be hosting the first snapchat takeover. We have a quick Q&A below for any who want to get to know this awesome movellian.



Your Name (either Movellas username or Snapchat name)?

On Movellas it is Beautifully Musical Nerd and on Snapchat it is awesomenessgab


Your City

A little place called Bethany in Oklahoma in the United States of America


What do you do?

I'm a Junior in High School



 I have a lot but my main interests are reading, writing, making covers, and fangirling (is that an interest?)


Tell us a bit about yourself (in a few words)...

Kind, funny, and emotional


How long have you been on Movellas?

Three years! And I don’t plan on leaving.


Why are you on Movellas?

To write and share with other people, things that I’m really fond of.


Three favorite books/authors of all time and why?

1.  Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery - this is such a funny, emotional, and amazing book and I can’t describe how much I love it.

2. Paper Towns by John Green - this book was so funny and all the characters were so well thought out. I just loved it

3. Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge - another great book, amazing plot, and amazing characters.


What genre do you prefer reading?

Probably romance because I always think of myself as the girl getting the guy.


Do you write novels/books yourself?

I only write stories on Movellas. When I get a little older, I might write an actual book.


Where do you find inspiration for your writing?

In music, books, and shows because sometimes the quotes or lyrics give me an idea.


Your best writing tip

Don’t pay all your attention to views. Write what you want and people will read it. Paying all your attention to how many views your stories get will make you feel like a bad writer and not get inspired. As long as you keep writing, you will get better!


Thanks again to Beautifully Musical Nerd for hosting this snapchat takeover :) Follow us on snapchat @movellasstories to catch the updates

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