2016 ... A Mixed Year

by , Saturday December 31, 2016
2016 ... A Mixed Year

Looking Back

Many say they will be glad to get rid of 2016 and move on. Funnily enough they said it at the end of last year as well. Sometimes we feel that need to move on as if something will miraculously appear before us which will make it better than before, In reality the only way that will happen is if we grab it by the horns and make it better. No point waiting for a better life to fall out of the clouds or trust to chance. What we will get we need to earn.

It's true this year has been a bit of a pig with the masses across the world standing up and wanting to be heard. Unfortunately by doing so it may be that they have turned to two paths which will be disastrous for the world. In the Uk we voted to leave the EU, in the US they voted for a President who repels many with his statements and actions. How this will unfold is uncertain, but hopefully in years to come the world will not suffer too much. People felt alienated from the political arena putting their faith into Trump and Farage, both men who don't seem to know the need for harmony. To me it felt like all the hate in people oozed out. The tragic murder of a British MP by someone who listened to the vitriol of the likes of Farage and believed it was heartbreaking. A terrorist act that was unthinkable in the UK. I wish the next year brings some sort of togetherness instead of pulling apart, but I doubt it.

The year for me started badly with health issues, improved in the middle and healthwise has gone downhill again. I do however feel that I'm mentally better than twelve months ago. My recent blip has seen me cancel my Christmas plans and I write this from virtually the same place I was exactly a year ago, well maybe two beds down. Over the year I've progressed and are quite happy with my lot in the world. Love, which I thought was a thing I wouldn't experience again, has returned and this time I feel that it's on both sides. The song my girlfriend gave me for Christmas made me cry as it was heartfelt and brilliant. It was without doubt my favourite present. Last year my mind was twisted and bitter, now it's open and although still wary, I feel I'm in the right hands.

I feel appreciated at the moment in both love, family and work. Next summer I hope to start Uni again and get learning. I have to get my strength back at the moment but the backing I have I'm sure that will be possible. I'm sorry to see 2016 go though, it was a year of some nice highs, some poignant moments and maybe the year I found the person I need most in my life.

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