January- June 2016

by , Thursday December 29, 2016

A look into my first six months of 2016

Comment below how your first six months of 2016 was. Was it crap on a cracker or was it the best time of the year?

Alright so January 2016 opened up with my 19th birthday on New Years like always and it also started with a phone call from Kohl's to tell me I no longer had a job there. I was seasonal and I had requested my birthday off and the store manager had tried calling me a few days before but I missed his call, I tried returning it but missed him again so I asked for my department manager who said he had no clue why the S.M. wanted to talk to me. On my birthday he called me right when I was about to call him and tells me I don't work at the store anymore. I was disappointed but knew that was bound to happen. I had already started putting in applications elsewhere but still went about a month without a job.


Come February I was hired at Stein Mart and have been working there since. These last few months have been great. I love working at store 304. I've met a lot of nice and funny people there. Some of become my friends. I've seen a lot of people come and go in my 10 months. The Home Department manager that hired me in February has since retired but I still keep in touch with her. We hugged and cried her last day working. I had taken her Gluten-free brownies, a bouquet of flowers and two cards one from me and the other from my mom.


I still remember this one day after I was hired I hadn't heard anything from the store and I was ready to call them first thing Monday morning. It was over the weekend and I was home online probably on here in fact and next thing I know my mom comes in and says "Erica, someone from Stein Mart's here." I didn't hear her the first time because I was listening to music with my headphones but then she repeated herself. I was trying to figure out why someone from some place I was just hired at would be at my house. I had to change and look as presentable as possible with such little time.


I come out and she's talking to my mom and nana about her life and I don't remember what else then she see's me and goes on to explain that the store manager spilled his Coke all over the applications in his office and she didn't want to wait for the possibility that I might call so when she got off of work she got in her car and started to question what my mom's name is and by the purest of luck she found my mom and called but there wasn't an answer then she found our address and drove straight over hoping to find me. Within a few days I was filling out paperwork with said Store manager who's really sweet by the way and I met the Shoe Lead who's now my Home Dept. manager who's incredibly funny and sweet too and before I knew it I was working long hours and about 30 hours every week because she told me her goal was to get me Full-time by Summer if not by the time Summer ends.


... to be continued.


Meanwhile, things at home haven't been the same since we've moved in to live with and take care of my nana. It's been almost 3 years. Almost 3 years of ongoing arguments and now it's to the point that we all want to move out. I don't want to leave my nana alone but also I don't want to continue living in a house where I'm obviously not wanted. Where we're not wanted. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to tell her off but I also don't want to make things worse but it's too much. She's hurting us with what she says and does and yet she doesn't even see it, all she sees is that we're doing something wrong. That we're ignoring her and doing things without her. We're doing all these things and more because we don't want to hear what she has to say anymore. I'm to the point that I hate my own nana. i don't want to hate her but she's making it too easy. The video above is Built To Fall by Trivium (my brother and I saw them live in September) I never knew there really was a song that explained how I felt. This fits the bill right now.


... to be continued...

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