New mystery story called 'Burnt Island Mystery"

Burn Island Mystery 

Billy who was convinced that t horrors of Burnt Island was not true set out one night to find out the truth about the island's mystery. 

Title: Burnt Island Mystery

Genre: Mystery

Author: Lateefah16

There it was the black forest on the top of the mountain all the way across the island. Curious Billy wanted to know more so she up and got her courage one night and set out to find the mystery. Cracking bushes and broken thorns shifted as she moved through the forest on invisible legs.The trees above her whistled in the night as she approached the little canoo she has set up to cross the lake to the disserted island of the black trees. She wondered if it had been cursed till the end of history. Not showing. one twinkle of fear Billy crossed the shallow waters with ease. As her foot was about to hit the island she looked up and swinging in the trees was a mysterious looking creature shaking her confidence just a tad. It disappeared and reappeared more often somewhat trying to scare her swinging closer every time as she approached the shores burnt island. Hopping off the boat with forced confidence Billy grabbed her navy blue hoodie and flash light. The moonlight guided her path to the foot of the mountain but spooky things started happening. Over in a near by bush Billy felt something staring at her. The dazed item resembled that of an old man. Slowly moving the flash of her light towards what she thought she saw the thin shadow disappeared like it was never there. Billy wanted to run ever so bad but she was determined to find out what was at the top of that mountain. Suddenly drops of liquid hit the ground before her, was it the sound of rain but with great relief it was the droppings of crows that fell from the dark sky. The sudden wooing of breeze sounded like the voice of a woman and the air changed, the moon isolated itself and everything went pitch dark including the torch which she held in her hands.The voice continued as a magnet drawing Billy closer but in the upward direction without realising wings enveloped from her back. Was it a dream, she couldn't believe she was flying. The silvery looking feathers moved smoothlyy through the bushes. 'Snap' The bite of a ravenous monkey caught hold of Billy bringing her to the ground and disappeared. The shock gravitated through her shivering body. The voice that was leading her stopped and the shadow of a woman appeared this time with a knife. Billy tried running as the thing she saw came closer. Her shallow screams moved no where as her hand was buried in blood and stiff as a rock anchoring her to the ground. Looking around to see if she still had wings but sadly they were gone. The woman came as close for Billy to see her ghostly looking face full of fear but still she out her hand and made an x on the hoodie. Was it a fragment of her imagination but the man saw thought she saw earlier came an carried her to the near edge of the island dropped her in the shallow waters. "Ahhhhh" Billy screamed as her mother came rushing in............

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