What I got for Christmas(and some other stuff)

I made one for my birthday and now this is for Christmas! Enjoy!

I did this for my birthday so I thought it would be cool do this for Christmas also! But it will be more different than my birthday one.


Starting off with my parents I got:

1. An Air Hockey Table. It's a small one but that is okay.

2. Clothes. Don't really want to go into details because they are clothes not much to say about that. 

3. A polaroid camera with film.

4. A ton of decorations that involve animals like elephants figures and stuff.



Next is both my grandmas from both my mom and dad's side:

1. Clothes, I got a lot of clothes

2. A stepping stone that I can paint


Next is from friends:

1. A toy crossbow. It has darts instead of arrows 

2. A bag of candy


And last is from my aunt:

1. A sweater with penguins on it 


My mom goes a little too far with stockings so I ended up with three stockings. In the stockings were candy and other things. I got this cube kind of game that has pictures and you roll them and whatever the picture shows you have to make up a story involving them.


That is all I got. Mostly it was all clothes and small stuff but I had a great Christmas overall! 


Comment down what was your favorite gift you got!

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