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by , Tuesday December 20, 2016

So no one will likely read this...

Kale is daddy

So i am here writing this blog about Kale Garrah, he is a transgender pre-transistioning female to male teenager. Some might say that he is confused or "trying to fit in" but to me Kale is an amazing handsome young boy who is figuring out who he is and expressing how he feels strongly. He is semi famous on Social Media websites like Instagram, YouTube, and He has multiple transgender friends who are also famous on these sites such as Jack Way and Justin Blake. If it weren't for Kale and his friends I wouldn't be as confident in my lack of gender as i am today. The kinda description thingy of this Blog says that he is "daddy" now this doesn't mean he is my father as for his lack of the needed parts. This is meant as in a joking manner to say he is a male figure i look up to and that i would with out a doubt date this quirky boy who has an awesome personality from what i've seen and a 10/10 voice. His videos are the videos that have made me laugh when i didn't even want to smile, his covers are amazing and probably my favorites, and his instagram in hands down my favorite account! Look below to follow his Insta!


am I out of my head? am I out of my mind?

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