by , Monday December 19, 2016
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We can do it


Christmas is a time to reflect on the world and to bring people together in the spirit of fraternity and friendship. This year we can help people worst off than ourselves by buying a couple of records. I particularly want the Jo Cox one to be number one.It's been a weird year, good things and bad happening. The murder of Jox Cox MP during the Brexit vote was a real low. Bruatlly butchered by right wing terrorists you would think that it would unite people. Think again, it brought out the divisions in our society. 

However her friends and family didn't and now we have them teaming up with others for a song. All proceeds go to the Jo Cox Trust for those less well off in the world.

The other song is 'The Living Years', another choir song. In aid of Hospices (places where those seriously ill can get peace and care) it is an old song. The lyrics make me bubble inside with tears. The words have a place in my heart that always makes me remember the past for a good way


Laying here listening to these songs makes me realise that Christmas is not just about presents and family, but about an idea of a better life. This Christmas I wish everyone good wishes, good health and happiness. I hope 2017 is better.


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