Update on all things & Christmas

by , Thursday December 15, 2016
Update on all things & Christmas

Holidays: Chore or Greatest time of year?

Where I have way too much to say about this time of year.


So for those of you who celebrate you know that Christmas is only eleven....count them 1-1 days away.

As most of the world is doing, I am getting the finishing touches done for my shopping and watching holiday movies. Which means every other day -or every day sometimes- I am running around department stores and searching for that one present that will make a family member happy. Or, in some peoples cases -not me 'cause I'm forever alone- that special someone happy. Scouring aisles in hopes you can find something-anything that'll scream out to the person you're shopping for. Sometimes going to several different stores just to find that one item you knew was meant for them. Then, waiting in a ridiculously long line with a bunch of other shoppers who're way past patience and ran out of Christmas spirit somewhere between the fifth and sixth store. When we finally come home, you think we'd have some time to relax after being on our feet for far too long.  But, home only means wrapping presents that were just bought while watching Christmas cartoons or movies. (Not to mention somewhere in all of that we have to eat.)


Wrapping gifts is so complex it should be made into an olympic sport. Ideally, it's preferred to have a nice print on the front of the gift so that the design of the paper can be seen before the actual present. Nothing spoils a gift more then a decapitated snowman or the legs of a reindeer. Then, you have to make sure the flaps on either sides of the gift are on the underneath of the present, so that it doesn't become an eyesore on it. But what makes this an olmypic sport is the amount of times you have to find tape after finally getting in the zone. (Which, is it just me or are they just not full enough this year? I haven't even wrapped a lot and I've gone through three or four rolls of tape already!) After locating the little....humbugs, you must then proceed to folding down all that extra wrapping paper. Christmas morning wouldn't be the same if one of those flaps came undone during the night. (Animal owners, you know what I'm talking about.) So yes, all loose paper must be taped down! 


After the gifts are wrapped, presents are bought and movies are watched...you can finally unwind. But after doing all that work....who has the energy? Which is why I'm writing a blog to let anyone who's interested, I'm probably not going to be on here much. Once the holidays are over I'll be back on here 24/7 like I was before. But things are too hectic for me to fully devote my time to anything else. 


Which also means that my review store is going to be lagging for a while. Honestly I feel horrible. Because I planned on so much to get done before this year was done. So that when the new year started I'd already have a decent work system. But alas I actually had cash to spend this year on gifts, (Thank you summer house sitting jobs!) and I can't seem to stop. So far the only person I have left on my list is my mother. (Who we all know is the HARDEST person to get for.) But when I went shopping tonight I ended up finding something else for my sister....in my defense it was Jack Skellington and he's hard to find. (Unless you're online of course.)


I think in all I've done fairly well this year. The beginning months were crappy. I think it was that way for everyone but they were just kind of there. No parties are had, excluding Valentine's of course but who goes to those except the people who already have dates? The weather is still really crappy so no one likes going outside and by spring time, you're almost an Agoraphobian. (That's the disease where you never want to leave your house cause you almost pass out if you try from anxiety.)


But in this year alone (Mainly the last few months of it.) I feel like I've accomplished a lot. For instance, I went to one of 5SOS' concerts on their Sounds Live Feels Live tour. My oldest niece joined me and we rocked to our hearts content. Despite the fact neither of us was able to get the limited poster or get anymore wristbands. This year I knew I wanted better seats since last year we were in the row just by the lawn crowd. It was a nice view but we were still pretty back there. So this year we had awesome seats in the boxes above. She made a new friend and I learned to look up the revenue before going to the concert. (Long story short with the results of a very tired and grumpy me.) 

More than once they looked up at our box and the lead singer even ran down the ramps to get closer to the crowd. Their one single (Which is also one of the more personal tracks.) Jet Black Heart, received a lot of love. Just before they began singing, the crowd cheered for five minutes straight while the guitarist stared in awe with an adorable smirk. They loved us so much that aside from the normal setlist we got two extra songs before they called it a night. One of them being If You Don't Know, which is one of their older tracks. I almost cried.

It's become a personal goal of mine to see them at least once for every tour. My love for them and the vibe I get around concerts, has become an addiction and I miss it daily. (Themselves included.)


Before the concert I spent two months (More like three weeks out of two months.) house sitting for a friend of mine. Which is where I got all the money to spend on my ticket for the concert, my wrist band and all the presents I'm buying now. My mother also supplied some cash to my budget as well. But in those three weeks I was the happiest and saddest I've ever been. (I reverted back to an old habit and it's not a good one.) When I returned I continued with the habit for another week until a heartfelt talk later (And 5SOS) I realized I was being stupid. Though I still get urges I am now 5 months (6 months?) clean of it and the scars are healing slowly.


I'm not sure when it happened but I developed an addiction to Movellas. So when I came on so many months ago I found a competition and entered. Little did I know that my.....overly excited entry...would help me win it. I now have Mockingjay memorabilia and an urge to enter any and all competitions. Which is why when I started writing poetry again, it surprised me to learn that the site had a competition for it. So guess who entered? (This girl!)


But my addiction to Movellas has also opened me. In the sense that I am commenting more on mumbles, blogs, and even offering myself to authors who write the same genres as I. My review store has been advertised more than once to the people of Movellas. In hopes that my reviews on their stories can help them become a stronger and better writer. Though I can be harsh at times, I don't just focus on the bad and my harsh reviews help them to receive harsher CC in the future. For like, say...when they're submitting their story to a publisher or screenwriter.


My friendships are building and some are dwindling away, but new ones come to take their place. I've met (Or technically, found out their existence.) of a lot of good people this year. With Christmas getting closer it makes me want to fly to a million places just to greet them. Hopefully next year will bring me the same luck and weed out some of the bad from this year. There's been a lot of accidents I wish hadn't happened. So hopefully next year is better.


When the day finally comes, laugh loudly, cry happily and be thankful and grateful for everyone who surrounds you. (Even if some of them are millions of miles away.) The holiday season tends to be short lived and commercialized to consist of only gifts and internet. So whether you're sitting in your living rooms watching movies and eating Christmas dinner with your family, or just spending it with close friends, remember that somewhere you have people who care for you. It's hard to remember that throughout the year especially when those same people are also the ones who stress you out. But just for the day and the season, cherish them. Because not everyone has that.


Whether it's tomorrow or a few days from now, I'll see you guys again. Thanks for reading if you made it this far and happy holidays!

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