A Small Act of Kindness

by , Friday December 16, 2016
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A Small Act of Kindness

The Magic of Bubble Wrap

What could possibly be better than a 50 meter roll of joy-filled, poppable stress relief?  

Final exams are stressful. Duh. Bubble wrap is fun. Duh. You know what else is fun? Friends. So here is the only math equation you need to study for this finals season:

Finals + Friends + 50m of Bubble Wrap = 0 Stress


This is the week before finals at my high school and-- trust me-- you can feel the tension in the air. All the holiday spirit is replaced with the smell of nervous sweats and STRONG coffee. If you don't know what the International baccalaureate(IB) program is, it is basically the education equivalent of willingly mudering your soul and will to live simultaniously. It's hell. While I do not participate in this IB program-- because I don't hate myself-- I have many friends who do. As the semester wore on, I could tell their levels of hope were slowly being crushed down by rising despiration. 

My friends were detailing the horrors of their impending finals at lunch about a week ago and, man, they suck. I'm talking like 5+ hours of studying a night per class.I really wanted to eleviate some of the pressure on them and, while I am not intelligent enough to take the finals for them, I figured there had to be SOME way to help. 

At home that night my mom told me on an article she found online that talked about how a mother sent a roll of bubble wrap to her daughter at college. I decided that that was the solution to my dilema.

A few days later, giant box showed up on my door step and I showed at school with a christmas bag stuffed full of large bubble wrap squares. 

I handed them out to my friends at lunch and in the hallways. Everytime I gave someone a square or two, they first looked shocked then excited then thankful. I could see them light up and their stress melt away. Who can resist the irresistable allure of bubble wrap? It was the perfect stress reliver that everyone desperately needed. I loved giving it away and hearing the stories of the happiness it brought people. It made me so happy to make other people happy (even though eventually we all had to go back to the soul sucking pit of finals). 

Trust me. I know this next part is going to sound cheesy and cliche but I'm going to add it anyway. I feel like this is what the holiday season is all about. SCREAM! I never thought I would write those words, but they are true. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture. Just a small thing to make someone smile. 

All right I'm done with the cheesy. (Don't hate the cheese man!) Enjoy your holidays and don't fail at finals!

Arianna Nightingale :) 

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