Christmas is here

A musing of the day

I write this with my mind not really functioning on all cylinders and so I apologise for if it seems garbled and not well thought out, but the clouds that once were well over the horizon have descended again over my world turning my plans for the next few months into tatters. I've had to cancel my plans for Christmas and instead of heading for Asia for a couple of weeks, I'll now spend them virtually tied to a bed. Still compared with this time last year it's a lot better. It's almost as if when something good is about to happen that the powers that be say it's not to be and find some other hurdle I have to vault.

At this time of year the music turns to very cheesy tunes or old ones that play constantly on the radio and in shops. Thoughts turn to those people who music has lost in the last year. Last week I learnt that the creator of one of my favourite Christmas songs 'I Believe in Father Christmas' by Greg Lake. The music combined with the words spoke great volumes to me of the commercialisation of Christmas. It spoke about how we're told to expect snow at Christmas, the snow being a metaphor for those things we want most. I remember learning it on the guitar. A wonderful tune that was just a perfect Christmas thought. Sadly Greg succumbed to cancer this last week. I remember seeing him along with Emerson and Palmer at High Voltage a few years ago. My dad and I had such a good time, the last we spent together.

So as my plans for the next few months have changed then I might have a bit more time to write my Christmas Story 'They Said There'll be Snow at Christmas'. The title is significant due to the fact I won't be having what I wanted this Christmas. As always I'll look on the gift of life being more important than anything else.

Wishing everyone peace this Christmas time.


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