It's Star Wars Feature Week!

by , Monday December 12, 2016
It's Star Wars Feature Week!

It's Star Wars Feature Week!

The first of this month's feature weeks celebrates everything intergalactic in this fandom and universe...



Attack of the Clones! The Christmas Clones! Aaaaayyy. And now Skye is really confused because I swore I wouldn't mention the prequels ;)

Before I start, I thought I'd introduce some of my favourite Star Wars themed Christmas jumpers. To get into the festive swing of things, ya know.



So here is my favourite, because Han and Chewbacca, obvs.


And then there's this masterpiece: 


Anyway, I'm sure that's for another time. This whole week is about celebrating the original Star Wars films. So if you're one of those people who have only ever seen The Force Awakens, I have nothing to say. Or if you like the prequels. Ugh. Even the notion. Oh actually, I drew Harrison Ford specially for this for you all. Praise me.


I'm joking, obviously ;) Can we actually take a moment to remember Kenny Baker though? The unseen star of the films.


I sincerely hope you all enjoy this feature week, and DUN DUN DUN, there will be a competition!


This is where I sign out too, as this will be my only blog this week. Sad face :( But I am very busy. Good luck to everyone with exams, including me.

(And have fun doing your PPEs/GCSEs/A Levels/Degrees for the older amongst you). 


Thank you to H A N N I for introducing feature week and Prodigy for designing the banner

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