Super Writers Challenge - Use the Prompt

by , Friday December 9, 2016
Super Writers Challenge - Use the Prompt

Super Writers Challenge - Using the Prompt

A unique writing challenge with feedback from our Ambassadors


On Movellas we're always looking for new and exciting ways to inspire you to write - and we aren't the only ones :) We have 25 ambassadors this year who work hard in doing all sorts of things that help the community and the rest of Movellas run smoothly. Within our ambassador group are smaller groups with different areas of expertise, and the Super Writers are one of these groups. These ambassadors write a lot to begin with, and are always thinking of ways to challenge themselves and others constructively when it comes to writing.


Well, the Super Writer Ambassadors have a series of challenges to put forth, and this first challenge will go on for a month.


The idea here is that you all post your responses in the comments below, and the Super Writers will take a look at them and offer feedback as we go along, as well as at the end of the month!



For this first challenge, you must use a writing prompt and you have the choice of two:

Writing Prompt #1 - "They sent me because I don't exist."


Writing Prompt #2 - A long time ago, you sold your soul to the devil. Now he offers to give it back if you "just do him this one favor."

Wondering how to take part? Writers should use either of these prompts in whatever they're writing. Just be sure to comment your response to this challenge below!



Thank you to Molly Looby and the Super Writer Ambassadors for giving feedback in this challenge :)

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