Christmas Confessions {Part 2}

by , Friday December 9, 2016
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A Confession For Every Day Of December

30 days of confessions???

Looks like it is currently the eighth of December and I did not update when I said I would... Oops...

So let's keep it short and sweet right?


Number 3: I've never seen Toy Story. I have no childhood.


Number 4: Pop music scares me? I don't know...


Number 5: The first time i heard My Chemical Romance I had to turn it off because i didn't like it but now i am obsessed.


Number 6: Hot Topic smells really good. Thanks.


Number 7: I really want a lip piercing


Number 8: I want somebody to play AC/DC's "HIghway To Hell" at my funeral!


Thats all! 



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