Gnoosic-- My Trial of Gnoosic (Review)

by , Wednesday December 7, 2016
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 Gnoosic-- My Trial of Gnoosic (Review)

This website is something that you have to try.

So I tried Gnoosic the other day and I must say that it was way better than anything else I'd tried.

For those of you who do not know, Gnoosic ( is a music webapp that gives you suggestions of musical artists that you'd like. How does it get this information? You simply tell it three of your favorite artists before you start. It's rather simple.

I had tried plenty of music suggestion apps before and was not satisfied, so when I heard of this one, I thought that I might as well try it.

And I'm glad I did. 

From the start, I realised that the website itself looked very clean and neat.

I pressed the continue, eager to start, and I entered my three favorite artists.

And when it suggested the first artists, I knew that it was perfect.

At the end, it gave you a small question place, but nothing hard.

In the very end, you got a summary of your responces and the artists so that you knew which ones to look for.

I was shocked how easy and simple this was, and how well it worked. It helped me find many artists that I would not have know of otherwise.

I really feel that anyone who loves to listen to music should use this.





This has been "Trial and Error" with Striped Sweaters Forever. Let me know what website you'd like me to do next time!

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