Endfic Competition Winners

by , Tuesday December 6, 2016
Endfic Competition Winners

Winners of the Endfic Writing Competition

All your endfics in their various forms were read - now hear about the winning stories!



This writing competition was about endings - the end of the world, the end of a relationship, the end of a life. More than the end, these stories showed also the struggle that is life, often enough. There were a number of entries in this competition and so it was equally painful to choose the winners, but we buried the hatchet, so to speak :) and have the winning entries to share with you all. What we've learned in this writing competition is that endfics come in all kinds of different forms, but every ending is unique. 


Winners will receive gift cards and Amazon prizes! We hope you all enjoyed this competition on Movellas - a big thanks to all who participated with their writing and cover designs.


Best Fanfiction

Perdition by Acsaxe




Best Story

Fragments of a life not lived by Tarina Jordaan




Best Cover

The End of the Line by Beautifully Music Nerd




There's always worthy mentions in these competitions, check out this one to see why those letters were truly a candle in the dark...


The Letters by The_Goldenfishy




Winners will be contacted by email.

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