Willow Reviews: 'Eyewitness'

by , Saturday December 3, 2016
 Willow Reviews: 'Eyewitness'

Willow Angel reviews Eyewitness

A review of the new murder mystery show taking US television by storm.


Trigger Warnings: This review mentions drugs, alcohol, murder, and homophobia. If you are triggered by any of these things, please don't read this blog. Stay safe!

Warning: This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Lukas Waldenbeck (left) and Philip Shea.


Eyewitness, first airing on USA Network in October, took the US and the world rolling with an amazing story and awesome characters hidden behind a veil of ever-increasing mystery.

The show centers around the developing relationship of two boys after they witness a triple homocide while in a cabin in the woods. Philip Shea is new to Tivoli, NY, as he was taken in by foster parents after his mother OD'd on drugs. Lukas Waldenbeck is a popular motocross champion who brought in Philip to film him riding.


This is where this review starts rolling into spoiler territory, so if you haven't watched the show yet, I reccomend you do that now. You won't regret it.

If you've decided to ignore the spoiler warning or if you've already seen all of the episodes, fantastic! Let's move on!


This show is filled with endless murder that is so brilliantly played out. In the first episode, a killer was brought to the cabin owned by Lukas's father by three members of a gang, who were then shot by the killer. After hitting him with a pan, Lukas and Philip escape, and the killer begins the hunt for the two eyewitnesses to his crime. Two innocent teenagers are killed in the process due to mistaken identity. In a town full of alcohol and drugs, it was thought that the two OD'd, but Lukas and Philip know the truth.

The two boys haven't told anyone - not even Philip's foster-mother and town sherriff, Helen Torrance - because of Lukas's begging to keep what they did a secret. The two boys had been making out in the cabin before the horrific events, and Lukas was so filled with fear that he begged Philip not to tell anyone.

Lukas: "Nobody wants me to be That Guy!"

Philip: "But what if you are?"


The characters are just another part of this amazing show. The main characters include Philip, Lukas, Helen, and FBI Agent Ryan Kane. All of these characters have pasts riddled with mystery, pain, and tragedy.

Philip grew up without a father, and with a junkie mother.

Lukas's mother died when he was little, and he struggles to make his father proud of him.

Helen couldn't solve a murder mystery in Buffalo, and it haunts her to this day.

Ryan Kane served in Afghanistan. 

As the show goes on, little bits of the pasts of these characters leak through the mist of mystery. Their developing relationships with other characters - Philip's with Lukas, Helen, and his foster-father Gabe; Lukas's with Philip, his father, and his girlfriend Rose; and Helen's with Philip, Gabe, Kane, her subordinate officer, and FBI Agent Kamilah and her gang sister Sita are just a few of the more interesting ones - are so intriguing and it's so interesting to watch.

All of these lesser protagonists and side characters also have a crucial part to the plot, however small they may be. It's so interesting to watch the whole story unfold.

Helen: "Without discussing it with me?"

Gabe: "You weren't around to ask."


And now, it's time to move to what might be the most interesting part of the show: the LGBTQ+ representation.


Lukas [to Philip]: "I'm not gay, like you!" 

Philip [to Helen and Gabe]: "I'm gay. That's it, I'm gay."

It's not very often these days you get a show about murders and mysteries where a developing relationship between two people of the same sex is one of the main storylines. Normally it's subtext and not explicitely said (*coughs* Sherlock), or it doesn't have much efect on the main storyline as a whole.

But in this show, the whole reason Philip and Lukas didn't tell anyone about what they saw was because of Lukas's fear of being outed as gay. Lukas's internalised homophobia and his fear of the homophobic reactions of others is a huge part of his character, and Philip was trying to do all he could to help Lukas.

Philip [to Lukas]: "No! You don't get to punch me, and not want to be seen with me, and then you want to fool around.
"I'm not your bitch. That's what Rose is for."

The depictions of fear and uncertainty is incredible in this show. I'm gay myself, and before I came out there was so much fear and uncertainty surrounding me, and it was pulling me down so much. I'm lucky enough to live in a place where nobody thinks me any different, but I imagine that Tivoli, as depicted in this show (if you actually live in Tivoli and it's a wonderful place, props to you!), is a much different place. I wouldn't be surprised if homophobia was bred into everyone there - it might have been bred into Lukas, and that might be why he's so afraid.

Lukas: Your mom knows you're gay?

Philip: Yeah... I told her about you.

But even more than being outed, Lukas's worst fear is losing Philip. He goes so far as to get Philip to film him and Rose having sex so people would stop talking about them hanging out, to get the homophobia to stop. He's so unsure of himself, but he knows that he wants Philip.

After all, the Q in LGBTQ+ does stand for Questioning. Lukas is questioning everything he is and everything that he knows.

Lukas [to Philip]: "I'm not supposed to like you this way."

The LGBTQ+ representation in a show like this will be so good for television in the US, especially after the outcome of the recent Presedential election. If this show has a happy ending for Philip and Lukas, maybe some people will come around.


This show constantly has my mind racing with "What happens next???" and I'm always on the edge of my seat, wanting more. The adrenaline rushes reach me through the words and actions of the characters. Would it be appropriate to say that this show is like a drug?


A big thank-you to the people who reccomended me this show, I cannot stress how much I love it.


Philip: "How did you know she was the one that you were waiting for?"

Gabe: You just know, son. It's the pain, right here in your belly. Love equals sacrifice. Philip... have you ever felt that pain before?
"That means you have been in love."

Philip: Does your stomach hurt?

Lukas: Why?

Philip: Well, y'know, that's how you know that you're in love.


Ayyyeee, first proper review blog, don't hate on me too much ^~^

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