Christmas Confessions! {Part 1}

by , Friday December 2, 2016
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The Blog W/ No Name (Yet)

30 full days of revealing confessions before the new year... Learrn some of my darkest secrets!!!

This is nothing new to me... I've done 'Christmas Confessions' many times for many years and it always ended out "okay". This year I'm sharing my confessions through a blog. Exciting right? Since today is the 2nd of December, im going to post two confessions! If you dont get this yet, you just confess somthing about yourself that other people may not know. Every day of December... It's a way for me to release weird feelings and for people to get to know me better. Maybe you can join in!


Number 1: Im terrified of preachers and priests. Im not scared of christians or other people that go to church, but preachers scare the hell out of me! I dont know why they scare me either! I haven't liked them ever since I was around 12 years old or maybe 11 but I never liked preachers! It's not like I have a traumatic past where a Preacher tried to murder me or anything, I have NO reason to dislike preachers. They're just freaking terrifying! It's such an irrational fear...


Number 2: I think that Supernatural (TM) is realistic. This has absolutely no relevance to the last confession since I've only recently starting watch the TV show, but I believe in all the Demons and Angels and stuff. I believe in angry spirits and ghosts and generally... supernatural things/beings. I'm not saying that I think Sam and Dean are real or anything and I'm not saying that I pray to Castiel every night or whatever, but I believe in the stories. I think that they are possible, like the show is Realistic Fiction rather than Science Fiction or Fantasy. 


So those are my confessions for the first two days of December. I'll post days three, four, and five on Monday! I'll only post of Mondays and Fridays so the posts arent's so short. Thanks for reading!


Xx- S

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