Story of the Month for December

by , Thursday December 1, 2016
Story of the Month for December

Story of the Month for December

Here's the amazing story you picked!



It's the month of December, and before we kick off this month of giving and celebration, we would like to take a moment to highlight one special story.


This time around we asked all of you to tell us what movellas you thought deserved to be the Story of the Month and you gave us an immense list of worthy recommenations. With so many talented writers and stories it can be hard to pick just one but you provided some very good suggestions either way :) This Story of the Month is both moving and thrilling, with a storyline you could never imagine until you give it a read. And the theme this month is akin to flames. *Fire crackling in the background


We hope you all check out movellas like this one and recommend more for Story of the Month in the future! We always love hearing what you all think when it comes to questions like this...


This story of the month is a mystery/suspense (we prefer "thriller") movella with plenty of burning questions, like, how did my life fall to this? And no heroes.


There's plenty of chapters in "Fire" to explain what's happening in a world so dark as this one with a protagonist just as despairing. Although this story began not too long ago, it's an amazing movella that begs to be read again.




Story of the Month for December

Fire by W0lverine



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