A Constant Reminder of my Life

by , Thursday December 1, 2016
A Constant Reminder of my Life

Let me bring you up to date

This first part of the blog will bring you up to date on my f*cked up life and stuff. Please give me feedback and advice and I will keep posting!

So let's start when I liked one of my friends. So we barely talked but I guess we knew each other enough to hug. For the past week each time I saw her she would give me a hug, say hi and keep on with her life. I had no idea what that means but for you people it must seems like she likes me. Well no, people in my middle school hug all the time. It's just normal and people get offened if you don't give them a hug. So overtime I formed a crush on her from things I heard from other people. I never really talked to her until I asked my ex for her skype. Me and my ex Yuni are really close friends so it was okay for me to ask these kind of things. So I got it and I was so hyped for after school so I could talk to her. So we started talking and then I learned the deep dark truth. She liked on of my friends. One of my real close friends. AND SHE HAS LIKED HIM FOR OVER A YEAR!!! So what I did was I went to Jule's cousin Ho and asked for advice. Now let me explain something to you. I trust Ho on a level I don't really with anyone else. If the number 100 is 100% trust and the number 0 is 0% trust then he is an 80. My other friends Brandon and Lucas are 90's. Then my really close friend Tabitha is and 100. She is the only 100 other than me. So I really trust Ho and tell him how I feel about Jule. He gives me no advice about her and he says he won't tell anyone. Then the next day at school as soon as I walk in "Hey Nathan, do you like Jule?". I was so dumbfounded. I had only told 4 people that I really trust and now this random person just asks me if I do. I had no idea who blurted out.

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