My Escape

by , Wednesday November 30, 2016
 My Escape


We love them don't we?


I am a Christian, don't read this if you don't like that. I may say some things that you don't like, don't make a scene and comment all your thoughts about it. I don't care what you have to say, I have my opinions, and you have yours, you will not persuade me to think the way you think, I won't try to persuade you to think the way I do. I will not argue with you if you do comment, but please don't. 

As I said before, Books, we love them, we wouldn't be on this site unless we loved books! I love to read, I will read a book that is 700 pages in two days. The problem is, sense I am a christian, my parents don't let me read some books, and sometimes I have read them anyway, wanting to know what happens. Another problem is when your parents tell you you can read a book and you do, but there are somethings that you don't like persionally. FYI I have no problem with Gays or the LGBTQ comunity - my best friend is Bi, so why did I bring that up? Well...

Rick Riordian, he is one of the best writers there is in my eyes, he should never stop writing, I love all his stories. I am reading the second Magnus Chase book right now, and it is amazing. But there was a hitch that hit my heart when Alex Fierro came into the story. Alex is transgender, went from male to female, as most of you who have read that book know. I have no problem with that, I love him/her like I love my best friend, I just don't like their decision to become trans, or bi, or gay, or lesbian, or anything else your little minds want to come up with. 

I'm going to stop right here and say to you who don't like what I am saying, leave now, or forever remain your peace. I don't want to hear your crap about how I am wrong, you wont change my mind, so leave. 

Now back to where I left off... Rick Riordian has, in past series, had part of the LGBTQ comunity in his books, with Nico and Will, Apollo, and probably more that I don't know of. I have not read The Trials of Apollo, and I don't have any means to, not that I don't like that Apollo is trans, or whatever he is, I just don't have time to read the books. I had really no thoughts about Nico and Will, do I ship them? I don't know, they aren't my favorite ship out there, so I guess not. I don't go to every web site that has a story or picture of them and is like "I hate you for shipping them!" I don't do any of that, this is the first time I have done anything like this.

I know what you are thinking. If you don't like gays why are you reading his books? The answer to that question is simply this. I read for the story, not the characters; and I might stop reading Rick Riordians books because of that. The LGBTQ comunity wants us to accept them, we have okay? But you will not accept us to voice our opinions! Or to accept who we are. We try our best to comform to your wishes, but not me. I'm sick of it! If we try to speak up you guys tell us "Stop being so judgmental! Love everybody!" WE DO LOVE YOU! Get that through your heads! Some people no, but most? yes. Just let us be us, we are letting you be you. Christians don't have to marry a LGBTQ couple - find someone else to marry you! I'm sorry, but most Christians don't feel comfortable even talking to an LGBTQ person. 

So what's with this rant? You tell us not to push our beliefs onto you guys, but yet every single one of you tells us we have to accept you for who you are. Those are your beliefs! So please, just be concious of others beliefs, even if you don't like them. Thanks for baring with me. 

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