How Dean Winchester Got Me Through the Day

My Fandom "Outfit of the Day"

I usually don't try that much, but today I tried something new.

BEEP BEEP! BEEP BEEP! BEEP BEEP! I groan loudly at the piercing noice of my alam clock and my eyes close even tighter shut. I fling my arm bonlessly around until I hit the right spot and the sound ceases.

Another dull groan is muffled by my many, many pillows as I begin to contemplate exactly how many more minutes I can lay in bed and still make it to school relatively close to on time. "I was late yesterday..." I think, "Ugh, that means I should be there today." With this dismal thought I roll my uncooprative body out from under my nice, warm mountain of comfort and into the cold, harsh reality of mornings.

I shuffle to the bathroom and, after calling it "good enough" with my hair, I go to pick out something to wear. Soooooo many choices. Usually I just grab the closest sweat shirt and jeans but, unfortunatly, I've been wearing the same thing all week: sweat shirt and jeans. So I run my hands over my face and start to think of possible combinations that are both comfortable yet still look like I tried. After trying on multiple outfits, panic starts to set in when I see that I should have left about 20 minutes ago. What to do? What to do?!


   So, like most people I wear clothes to school. Shocker, right? 

   And I have noticed while wearing clothes is that how I dress changes my attitude going into the day. They just have this unmistakable power to make me feel confident and ready to take on the day or to set me up for an extremely lazy do-nothing day. 

   This morning, in my usual moment of panic, I happened to think about the character Dean Winchester from the TV show Supernatural and naturally decided to dress somewhat *exactly* like him. 

   And so, armed with my flannel and brown boots, I walked into school and summoned the power to conquer the day from Tumblr's favorite sweetheart. I actually found it quite surprising how much I enjoyed it.

   No one else really understood that I was dressed like a TV star but it made me feel better about being stuck in a desk all day. I found myself thinking about what I would me doing if I was Dean. It made me feel just a little happier and a little more confident.

   I think that's what clothes should do. Make you feel better, happier, and ready to conquer the day. It doesn't matter if that is acomplished by channeling a favorite character, wearing a slightly shorter skirt, or by throwing on the baggiest hoodie you own. I hope it helps your day out a little bit. Have a great one. :)

-Arianna Nightingale

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