Welcome to my Life

by , Monday November 28, 2016
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Welcome to my Life

So... Welcome to my Life

Just your normal highschool girl. SIKE! I am anything but normal. 

How to start... How to start... 

Well. Let's just start with me. I am a highschool girl that likes a lot of things. I like writing--obviously-- and drawing and cats and dancing and Supernatural and Doctor Who and reading--specifically Harry Potter and different poetry collections-- and lots more things. I'm not perfect and I'm certainly not popular. I guess there are a few things that are normal about me... As long as not knowing what I want to do with the rest of my life and struggling with crippling social anxiety is "normal". 

So yeah. This blog will most likely be just me telling you about me, my life, my struggles, my happy moments, and my sucky moments. (and maybe the ocasional fangirl moment ;P) I hope you stick around to see it. 

-Arianna Nightingale

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