The difference between your and you're

by , Saturday November 26, 2016
The difference between your and you're

Your and you're

Probably one of the biggest mistakes i see on the internet is when people write, "your beautiful" or "your my friend". It honestly gets on my nerves. Grammar is easy to learn if you just try and not be so careless. It is such an important thing and can decide whether you get a C or a B, or even an A. To have a simple grasp on grammar could help you tremendously.

To be able to use them the correct way you need to learn a small trick. I would like to say i thought of it myself but I probably didnt. 'You're' is short for 'you are', ​but to show that the a ​is missing we add '. So if you're going to say "you're beautiful" then say it in your head saying 'you are'. If it doesn't make sense then it 'your' but if it does it's 'you're'. ​Also '​your'​ means it belongs to someone, like your bike, your face, stuff like that. Your beautiful doesn't belong to you making it you're beautiful, because it's something that you are.

​See? Look how easy it is.

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