by , Friday November 25, 2016

Black Friday/ 1 Month Before Christmas

How was your thanksgiving? 

Mine was pretty good, I was able to go hang out with my little cousins, it was pretty fun. Everyone(except me) was fighting and giving each other wedgies, along with slaps on the back and face. My unlce had to come downstairs and tell us all to be quiet because we had been laughing too loud.

 Later we(like @ 6) we decided to go to the mall for early black friday shopping, it was so packed and I was bumping into someone every 2 seconds. First we went to the boring adult stores (Macy's, JcPenney, and Old Navy) It was really hot inside, and I felt very overwhelmed. People were running back and forth, and parts of conversations could be heard throughtout. Then we decided to go to Fye, and Justice, and there were bright lights flashing all over the place. Overall it was a very stressful experience that I'd rather not relive. I think I'll stick to online shopping from now on. 

The upside in this blog, Is that Christmas is exactly a month from today, and I can't wait. Between christmas treats, to spending more time with family to presents, It's sure to be a great day.

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