Tana Brings Out THE TRUTH

by , Friday November 25, 2016

Tana Talks About Stalker Speculation

The 25 minute video Tana Mongeau posted a couple weeks ago, tells us how she's feeling ALSO confronting the stalker speculation. Want to find out more.. continue reading!

After Tana posted her 'MY STALKER TOOK PICS OF MY SLEEPING BODY & more' video people have been saying she made the story up that she was mailed. However, between that video and her response, it came out that the email was sent as a halloween prank by, no, not her stalker, a random dude. There's even been numerous videos made titled that Tana is a liar, however, do they really have good evidence? For example, for the email situation that Tana even explained saying she had no idea, she presumed it was her stalker (which I think anyone would if this was happening to them and they got this email), it ended up to be no big deal- yet people built this story where she made it all up to get views because words of the story were 'modified' to fit her appearance- turns out the random dude who sent it did it ON PURPOSE to scare her. Wow, big deal everyone. Which leads to my point.. people go crazy. If you watch her video adressing this, you can clearly see Tana is in a bad place. No matter if she's lying or she's telling the truth, people on the internet probably should chill about it. What's it matter anyway huh? 

The video helped me to understand Tana more, and if you're a fan, or just need her to EXPLAIN what the heck went on, watch it. She's amazing.
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