Our Halloween Competition Winners

by , Thursday November 24, 2016
Our Halloween Competition Winners

Halloween Competition Winners

All your stories and fanart were judged this season - ready to hear about the entries that won?



We love competitions that celebrate the season and this competition was scary, spooky, and sinister - everything we love about Halloween! The entries included fear-inducing stories as well as terrifying fanfics, and there was also some epic fanart, and covers we can't begin to describe (WARNING: you will get goosehumps...) Many movellians took part in this competition, writing their own version of Halloween stories and creating equally creepy fanart that for us, really upped the scare factor.


Below we have the winning entries...


Winners will receive an Autumn package put together by the Movellas team :) We hope you all enjoyed this competition on Movellas - thanks to everyone who joined in the frightful fun.



Best Story

Missing Connections by Jacie XP




Best Fanfic

Just a game? by Stellhemmo




Best Fanart

The Headless Horseman by Aldrin




We would also like to bring some attention to our two honorable mentions, one is an awesome piece of fanart sketched with some serious skills, the other is a cool cover paired with one spooky oneshot.


A Very Movellas Halloween by ChelberNo1



Halloween Competition by Spirit Hunter




All winners will be contacted by email!

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