Happy Birthday Doctor Who

by , Wednesday November 23, 2016
 Happy Birthday Doctor Who

Happy Birthday

Fifty Three Years Doctor Who has been here


Happy Birthday to the program that above all others has inspired me to think beyond the realms of this small rock and dream of a wide and wild universe populated with all kinds of intelligence and of course monsters ;) Ok it's not a book but it still inspired me to write, as it stimulates the mind. Doctor Who has a great moral compass as well. it never promotes mindless violence. The Doctor is a person who does the right thing every time, even at the expense of his own happiness.

Over the fifty three years the series revitalises itself by renewing the main character with different actors through the regeneration process. It means that each incarnation of the Doctor is slightly different, each a bit quirky but ultimately the essence of the Doctor remains. I've watched since my father put me on his knee and introduced me to the Doctors of old, Pertwee, Baker being his favourites and so became mine. Every Sunday morning a new adventure, every week a new delight. Then they rebooted the series and we watched anew. The effects were better, the sets not so wobbly but the stories were always good against evil.

Ecclestone gave way to Tennant and I vowed it wouldn't be the same and it wasn't. That's the great things about the series, after a few shows you get used to new new mannerisms and the new face. Tennant was the best for me almost pushing Tom Baker, OK equalling him. The moral dilemmas stacking up. Assistants came and went but the Doctor still stayed. Smith wasn't as good for me, but the 50th anniversary special was so amazing, maybe the best episode ever. Capaldi brought a new twist to the series and in his first series there were a few shows that were classics in their own rights.

So I look forward to watching where the show will go in the next fifty years. I am sure it will still be as strong and moral and fresh as it always has been.

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