Ironically Obsessed

by , Monday November 21, 2016
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Ironically Obsessed

At least it used to be ironic. 

Welcome to Ironically Obsessed, where I steal my friend's fandoms, wallow in an existential crisis or two, and invite you all to be ironic then actually just lose your souls to the thing itself. 

I used to fangirl ironically. I'd flap my hand and squeal and then laugh it off. Then Rumplestiltskin kissed Belle on OUAT, the Doctor said "Rose Tyler-" and I got SHER-locked. Suddenly, I was crying and squealing and flapping my hand for real. 

But it gets worse. "Same," "lol," and a few select emoticons were once used to snare a sarcastic laugh or two from a friend. Then they managed to find themselves squarely locked away in my lexicon, permenantly a part of my language. 

The internet has ruined my life, and I will drag you all down with me. 

Or you can come of your own free will. People have done dumber things on the internet. 


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