Exquisite Corpse - The Story

by , Monday November 21, 2016
Exquisite Corpse - The Story

Exquisite Corpse - The Story

We all played the game, read the terrifying story that emerged from this writing challenge...


Let's admit, this got a little weird. The week before Halloween, we played a little game on the Movellas blog called Exquisite Corpse. More of a writing challenge, we asked you to comment a sentence to a story you all designed and contributed to. 


It could have been spooky, strange, or random. Now we have the story here from your comments on the blog that make up this - let's call it surealist - story. We hope you enjoy the dark and twisted nature of this movella, it's worth reading if not to see the results of the revenge :)



Jeffery's Revenge


Once upon a time, there was a young man named Jeffery. 

Jeffery was always bullied. All Jeffery wanted was revenge.

But his path had never been easy, and one thing stood in his way. That thing was his Mother. 


And his Mother was the most terrifying thing in the universe.


However, Jeffery knew he had to get past his mother, somehow.


"How was school?" She would always ask in her shrill, glass-shattering voice whenever he could loiter around the park no longer. He would always reply with the same nonchalant answer, "It was fine." Having an experimental jazz musician for a parent didn't treat a boy of Jeffrey's disposition well. He sighed heavily as he laid his rucksack down on the table. Then, he'd escape upstairs to his room and plot the revenge he feared he would never have the courage to do.


Plotting the perfect revenge isn't an easy task, would it be clean and simple, or complex and messy?
In fact, it would be neither; his revenge would be fabulous and barbaric. It shocked him because revenge wasn't really his thing.

Flesh and blood, on the other hand, that was definitely his thing.


Jeffery was what some would call, a mad scientist, he loved to experiment. Loving to experiment is what caused him so much grief. So, he ended up going into the lab to invent the next big thing ...Which was a sloth that could run like a cheetah.


Although it was hard he had finished the experiment. Then as he waited for the perfect time to execute his revenge plan.

Jeffery was shocked to find that the cheetah-like, murderous sloth had escaped. Jeffery needed to get the sloth back, but how?


So he got some supplies, and looked everywhere for the sloth. He scoured the planet far and wide but could not locate the sloth.


Finally he saw it, wide-eyed, gazing from the top of the banana.It cocked its head slightly, eyes narrowed. It curled its lip to snarl, revealing a jumble of teeth like a bouquet of needles, and pounced. Jeffrey was near to letting out the shrillest scream, but, indeed, he thought better to keep his mouth shut - who knows what the brutal sloth would do otherwise?


The sloth landed in front of Jeffrey, nearly touching Jeffrey's face and opened his wide mouth to say in a very low squeak, "Yo."

Jeffrey glared right into the sloth's eyes. "What do you want?"

The sloth gave a tough laugh-- too loud of a laugh, and too slow of one (each single syllable of it lasted at least five seconds)-- then answered, "Eh, nothin' that ya can give meh."


"You realize that I created you, don't you?" Jeffrey questioned with a hint of command and menace in his tone.


"Nah, bro, I don't know nothin' about meself but only that I've been chillin' in this dead place for a while now; pretty bad this place is though not as messed up like me home Europa," the beast laughed with a hint of pride.


Jeffrey cracked his knuckles behind his back and tried to remain calm as he spoke. "Well, I did create you... Now, then, I created you to fulfil my desire of revenge; and that's the sole reason you are even breathing right now." The sloth looked confused for a moment and said: "I think yeh don' know, boy, but yeh didn' create me, yeh just teleported me to yehr world from mine somehow an' I'm curious to know how yeh did that."


Jeffrey blinked and, for a minute, he looked perplexed- then, thoughtfully, looked at the big-headed sloth and replied, "How bad do you want to know that?"


Before the sloth could utter a reply, Jeffrey executed his plan of revenge and in a flurry of sparks, fuzz, and fireworks the sloth exploded...only to reveal his mother, the mastermind, the manipulator, the monster behind the sloth, dead finally and forever.



Thank you to everyone who joined in!


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