Help! I'm trying to blog!

by , Sunday November 20, 2016
Help! I'm trying to blog!

Okay, let's do this

I have never done this before. I have no clue what I'm doing. Hey, let's write a blog!


So. This is my first time blogging. I have wanted to blog for quite a while. I mean, I've even been searching on Pinterest for blogging ideas. (Which definitely doesn't include seeing a blogging pin and thinking "maybe that would be a good idea to look at some of these"...)


I guess the first step is to find out what I'm going to write about. Possibly behind-the-scenes of my movellas. I am highly likely to also do book or movie reviews, since I like both of those a lot, as well as recommendations. My only problems are that my book and movie range are fairly limited to the same topics and themes (actually, whilst I'm on the subject: anyone have any good books?). I also love makeup - not that I'm any good at it, so might do 'Top 10's or 'Top 5's. Some of the topics I got off Pinterest were things like 'Top 10's, favourites, etc., as well as 'How-To's and photos. I like quite a few of the ideas. Well I suppose we'll just have to see where it goes.


Some things you should know about me:

- I am a grammar freak. If there are any mistakes in my future blogs, I apologise now, and please tell me beause it will really annoy me.

- I absolutely love Pentatonix! They are the best a cappella group I've ever heard, and I really like the people in it too. There will probably be references or me just generally going a bit mad over them. If you've never heard of them - get on YouTube and listen! The only sad thing is that they're American and I'm English...

- I am fairly forgetful and extremely good at procrastinating, so therefore am unlikely to regularly update - but I shall try my best to update whenever I can.

- I will probably also put excuses on my blogs as to why I haven't updated my movellas as well - so I will just warn you in advance!

- I am a Christian so I will be writing about that, and if you are not Christian, who knows? Maybe it will still be interesting to read!


Thank you for reading my first ever blog - if you've got this far, I congratulate you! You have very good perseverence - and I hope you will want to read more in the future!


Goodbye, and God bless you,

Emolly xx

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