Coming in 2017

by , Friday November 18, 2016
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 Coming in 2017

New story coming!

"Sometimes there's just too many pieces in the puzzle, so you have to give up trying to solve it"

Yes that's right - I'm working on a new story, and I think I might publish the first chapter in early 2017.

The proces of this story is a little different from my other one (FYIW) and by that I mean that I have decided to write most chapters before publishing them, so that you guys don't always have to wait till I have finish writing the chapters, ha ha. 

I haven't started writing yet BUT I will very soon, hopefully within the next couple days. I already have the plot set and I have so many ideas on how the story should unfold. 

I'm very excited about this story and hopefully you will be as well, I can't wait to share it with you :-)



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