What Happened Today

by , Thursday November 17, 2016
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You guys can call me HappyGal. Let's call my crush Pepperoni. I saw Pepperoni looking at me at lunch while I was eating. It was weird because he saw that I was looking at him. It started about a week ago when I was getting up to present something. I did a triple take at him before the presentation, and saw that he was staring at me. I looked away from him to my teacher to try and play it off. And today, while I was on my bus just leaving the school, I saw him standing in the grass like he was waiting for somebody. He already knew what bus I was on anyway so...I was staring at him, waiting to pass him by, then he looked directly at me. I looked down onto my lap so that he wouldn't see me smiling. He wasn't smiling though, he has been looking sad for the past few weeks. I wonder why...He's shorter than me, but I usually like shorter guys. I don't really care about the height of the guys they are. If they're taller than me, then they're taller than me. If they're shorter than me, then they're shorter than me. It doesn't matter to me. He's the height of one of my younger sisters. I'm only 5' 3 1/2" btw. Now you guys can compare me to your height.

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