The Words of a Lost Girl

by , Wednesday November 16, 2016
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The Words of a Lost Girl

Dear Peter Pan

When life gets you down and a shot of sugar infused caffeine will not keep you awake, you might find yourself off in your own neverland. But this letter is what every one of us feels like doing every once in a while, when life has flicked your head one too many times and you just want to take a day off from everything. 

Dear Peter Pan, 

My window will always be opened for you, 

But not because I want to leave the life I'm currently living. 

I just want to experience the reliefe of the unknown for a few moments. Not having to know why things work or what words mean but just accepting that they do. 

I would love to take to the skies with you and leave everything behind for a night. 

Chase dragins and fight mermaids. 

Find treasure or hide it, whichever takes my fancy.

So come and kidnap me anytime,

I'll be waiting.


To be continued


Gem Seraphine

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