Facts about 5 Seconds of Summer

by , Tuesday November 15, 2016
Facts about 5 Seconds of Summer

10 facts you probably didn't know about 5 Seconds of Summer :)




I know a lot of you are tired of hearing about 5 Seconds of Summer but I really wanted to do a facts blog and that was the first thing that came into mind! If you have an artist(solo singer or band), movie, book, or tv show you want me to do facts about let me know and I will do it!


Now let's get right into the facts! Most all of them are from a site called SuprTickets.


1. According to Michael, the band would be called ‘Bromance’ or ‘The Powerpuff Blokes’ if they weren’t ‘5 Seconds Of Summer’.


2. Their biggest musical inspirations are Blink 182, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Mayday Parade and funnily enough… Ed Sheeran.


3. One of Luke's most favorite TV shows is ‘How I Met Your Mother’. 


4. Luke says that he would date a fan two years younger than him.


5. Michael once admitted that his favorite word was ‘cheeseburger’. 


6. Michael is English Scottish, Irish, German and Australian. So, a bit of everything really.


7. Calum is Kiwi and Scottish, not Asian like most people think.


8. Calum represented Australia in soccer and went to Brazil to play. However, he then gave the soccer up to pursue his music career.


9. Ashton is both Aussie and American.


10. Before Ashton joined 5SOS, he apparently hated them! From watching their YouTube videos, he said he hated the way they messed around and forgot their words. Let’s hope he doesn’t still hate them…


So I did two facts for each boy and two facts for them all together. Now for the more common facts, you should know.



Full Name: Lucas Robert Hemmings

Birthday: July 16, 1996(age 20)

Family: Liz(mother), Andrew(father), Ben(brother), and Jack(brother). He is also an uncle to a niece named Zoe who is the daughter of Jack and Celeste 



Full Name: Michael Gordon Clifford(He hates his middle name)

Birthday: November 20, 1995(age 20, about to turn 21)

Family: Karen(mother) and Daryl(father). 



Full Name: Calum Thomas Hood

Birthday: January 25, 1996(age 20)

Family: Joy(mother), David(father), and Mail-Koa(sister)



Full Name: Ashton Fletcher Irwin

Birthday: July 7, 1994(age 22)

Family: Anne Marie(mother), Lauren(sister), and Harry(brother). His father left when he was young so I couldn't find his name.



I hope you learned some stuff! Comment who or what I should make facts about blog about next! 


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