Winners of the Heartbroken Competition!

by , Tuesday November 15, 2016
Winners of the Heartbroken Competition!

​Winners of the Heartbroken Competition!

Your stories were read in a competition that was nothing short of heart-wrenching...and you won't want to miss the winners



In this competition the theme was the darker side of love, but love just the same. We asked you to write your stories of heartbreak, loss, and unfulfillment. We realize that this is focusing on some of the more painful aspects of relationships, especially when they end, but love is like that sometimes. There were so many amazing stories in this competition and we are super psyched to share with you the winners.


Winners will receive Amazon gift cards as prizes! We hope you all liked this writing competition on Movellas - a big thank you to everyone who participated - your fanfics, stories, fanart, and covers were enough to break our hearts too, so we're all feeling this one <3



Best Story

And You Were Amazing by Hobie Aldrin




Runner Up

You're A Hurricane. by TheLonelyCakeSlice




Best Fanart

A Rose to the Heart by Sophia Marie



There are two worthy mentions we want to mention here! One is a powerful story about two people doomed to repeat the past but determined to change the future (and all in 7 minutes of reading time!), the other is a beautiful poem about love...


Hands Up, Don't Shoot by Fictionbefourblood



Heart of Glass by Donutdude





All winners will be contacted by email.

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